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Thank you for expressing your interest in this world’s unique and pioneering product.

Below you will find all you need to know about LIGHTOXS.


The product is manufactured by INIST BIO-PHARMA from Korea, a large pharmaceutical company that manufactures new generation anti-cancer drugs, probiotics, raw materials and more. Both the quality and the results of the product are due to this reason.


They are the world’s first cosmetics with Botulinum- derivatives of peptides and highly functional ingredients. The 4th generation penetration into the skin technology licensed as a serum in the form of viscous fluid with active acidity (pH) 5.1-7.1 has clinically proven ability to penetrate facial muscles due to its low molecular weight of 50kda and MTD technology without damaging the skin surface. This patent has been recognized as an international patent. You should try it with one of our partners first because it must be applied in a special way.

International Patent PCT/KR2012/009997 – development of a new macromolecular transport domain with improved cell permeability and its uses. Detailed video tutorial of LIGHTOXS

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The product is timeless and daily treatment that can be used on its own. It can become our daily ally and personal care for our face. You will feel the power of the product from the first moment and in 2 weeks you will get noticeable results. The product can also be used after injection therapy for better and long-lasting results. It also offers moisturizing and firming which alone cannot provide to our skin.

How is it used?

The product is used in a special way. The skin must be cleaned and dry. You put a small amount of product on your finger and spread it on the area that needs to be treated, like areas of wrinkles, goose foot, eyes, face, nose and neck. Wait a bit so the product starts foaming and you shall feel tingling while you wait. You will notice that the bubbles have been absorbed. All you need to do is to tap lightly with a finger until it is completely absorbed. The product has anti-aging, eye cream, firming and moisturizing effect for the skin, i.e. 4 in one. You can view the entire application process in the following video.

For better results you should use it after a hot bath or a thoroughly good cleaning with a good cleaner. To this end we would like to recommend the Puremay Soft and Velvet. It is a natural handmade product manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company INIST-BIO PHARMACEUTICAL.

What products does it replace and how much it costs?

The !!LIGHTOXS‼ is the only product in the world that replaces 4 products:

  1. Anti-aging cream ✅
  2. Eye Cream ✅
  3. Moisturizer ✅
  4. Facial Serum (firming) ✅

Apply it on face wrinkles, goose foot, around the eyes and neck. You can tap it gently since it does not need rubbing because it penetrates by itself. It is advisable to visit a pharmacy for an application so you can feel it on your skin and see how it works. Then you will decide 🙂

30 ml 93 euro or double 60 ml cost 174 euro. This is a very economical price for what LIGHTOXS replaces and offers. It lasts for 60-90 days depending on how it used. (Neck, goose foot, around the eyes, forehead, face). Besides there is no product on global market that can be compared to the UNIQUENESS of LIGHTOXS!!!

Where is it available?

It can be obtained from any pharmacy in Greece, dermatological and medical centers and is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Also, in the event that your pharmacist is unable to provide it you can purchase it directly from our company. To order phone + 30 698 972 4664 or send SMS.

Can it be tested?

In pharmacies where our affiliates have the product. Please contact us for further information.